Lower Heat (85-90 Degrees)

Barre Fusion

Sun: 5p

Join us for either 60 or 75 minutes where we combine the strength and toning of barre class, floor Pilates and other exercises you can do from your mat, and the flow, flexibility building, and bliss of a yoga class. Anticipate the dim lights, great music, and delicious heat of a yoga class, combined with the (not too) serious hard work of a gym workout or barre class. This class is suitable for all levels, though if you're just starting out with strength building, do take it easy, go at your own pace, breathe deeply, and smile often. we will see you on the mat and at the barre!  

Barre 60

Tues: 6p, Wed: 6:30p

This 60-minute class will give you a full body workout. You will lengthen and strengthen, challenging your body and mind as you focus on different muscle groups. It hits the ground running with a high energy workout that will sculpt arms, tone thighs, tighten the booty, and flatten your abs. The class is dynamic and will use light weights, exercise balls and resistance bands in addition to the barre. (barre fusion with out the yoga)


All Barre classes are located in studio 1