Barre FAQs

What is Barre & why should I try it?

Our barre class has been developed to combine the strength and toning of a barre class, floor Pilates and other exercises you can do from your mat, and the flow, flexibility building, and bliss of a yoga class. Our barre room is typically heated in the mid 80s-90 degrees. 

What should I bring to a Barre class?

Bring your yoga mat (for floor work) & water bottle - if you forget we always have everything to rent/buy. The rest of your equipment such as hand weights, resistance bands, blocks, etc will be provided by us. As well as your positive attitude :) 

What should I wear to a Barre class?

When attending a barre class its not a bad to dress in layers (light long sleeve & tank) or anything that you feel comfortable getting sweaty in. Bottoms such as leggings or capris are the most comfortable well. Sticky socks are recommended but not required.