Christy Wilt

I have been practicing yoga since 2006. First started here in Michigan. I couldn't even touch my toes and I hated it. I moved to Denver Colorado in 2008 and dove into yoga. My guru was based in Forrest yoga and I found a home studio. I became a certified power yoga instructor through Corepower yoga in 2011. I obtained my bachelors degree in wildlife biology in 2013. Since then I have been a gypsy. Sometimes I just have lived in the woods. But even there I have found my downward facing dog. I have gone to yoga studios all over the nation. Which is giving me a lot of perspective on yoga and instructing. I have a hands on approach and love to empower people as I have been empowered. Yoga is life for me and I practice everyday with or without a mat. I have found that "home" is wherever I am practicing yoga. I am honored to be in a place for a time to be able to once again claim a home studio community. I teach a very physical class with upbeat music and accessible postures. My personal favorite style of yoga is sculpt and boot camp styles. My mission is to spread light and joy and empower people to connect with themselves through practice. By going upside down we can truly change our perspectives and pause in the mental chatter.