Lower Heat Classes (85-95 Degrees)

Warming Up to Hot Yoga

Mon – Sun: List Times


Intended as our beginner class, this lower-heat (90-95 degrees), slower-paced, gentler class will equip you with an introduction to yoga breath and movement. Because of its lower heat and gentler, more instructive approach, this class is also well-suited for injured athletes, students who have difficulty adjusting to the high heat, and even children accompanied by parents. Expect music, hands-on adjustments, practicing and roaming teachers.


*All Barre classes are at a lower heat

Full Heat Classes (100-104 Degrees)

All Levels Vinyasa

Mon – Sun: 1p


Just as the title suggests, this is a class for all levels. Expect a slow to medium pace with a mix of standing and balancing poses and flow.


Candlelight Slow Burn

Mon – Sun: 3p


Find yourself in another world. Candles light the room and music plays as we guide you through a slow burn class that focuses on longer holds and deeper stretches. This linking of breath with movement allows for a powerful energy building experience creating strength and flexibility through the body and deep relaxed clarity for the mind. Add this class into your yoga routine to build a reservoir of energy that our normal busy lives deplete.


Candlelight Stretch

Mon – Sun: 7p

Hot Lunch


Kick Your Asana!



Slow Burn




Sunrise Vinyasa 


Don’t let the low lights, soft music, and compassionate teaching of this late-night class deceive you: you’ll work up a sweat… but less through moving asana sequences and more through deliberate, breath-focused postures intended to settle your mind as well as your body. A quiet, dark sanctuary for you, to use tonight to set you up for a wonderful tomorrow.

A KYA type practice will start on the hour with a couple warm-up sun salutes and then keep moving at a highly fun and semi furious pace for 45 minutes. Those who need to leave can go, and those who want, can stay for 15 minutes of stretching and a leisurely savasana.

Our hottest, highest-powered, most intense class, this yoga fusion intends to kick your ass! It’s cardio, it’s aerobic and anaerobic training spikes, fast Vinyasa flows, fun and challenging non-traditional sequences. In short, it’s recognizable yoga postures put to an entirely different use: kicking your asana! This pose-driven, high-energy, loud music class promises to be one of the toughest workouts you’ve ever done… and if it’s not, you tell us, and we’ll amp it up! If you see a “+” beside the name, it simply means an hour of KYA flow and an optional half hour of core or strength with a break between the two for those wishing to leave. It’s hard work! 

From slower progressive sequences, to longer holding postures, your entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused, intense yet calming class. You will hold poses a little longer and feel the burn as you build muscle, inner strength and stamina. It is a great option for newer students who may be nervous about trying a faster paced yoga class. You will be encouraged to explore all benefits of each posture while finding your personal balance of challenging and release. A nice savasana at the end ensures you have the time and environment to finish your practice your way.