Nikola Carlson 

When I first began practicing at ELHY, I was looking for a different yoga experience. After my first class, a Tuesday night KYA with Mike Richter, I was not only surprised that I survived, I was hooked. I went almost every day for those two unlimited class weeks, and never looked back. I explored many different classes, new poses and instruction methods, but I still wanted to immerse myself in a part of yoga that I had never been exposed to. I signed up for the 2016 Yoga Teacher Training, and had such a profound experience. I not only built upon the benefits of yoga that I had received throughout my life, but most importantly, embraced the practices of meditation, stilling the mind, self-love and gratitude, and the importance of breath. I was also introduced to an extremely loving and supportive group of people sharing their common appreciation for yoga. My goal as a Yoga Teacher is to spread positive energy and love through breath, movement, and self-discovery. Connection between mind, body, and spirit is what yoga means to me, and that’s what I hope to share with each of my students. My classes allow yoga students of all levels a welcoming environment for self-expression without judgement, while being part of a wonderful and supportive community.