Haslett Hot Yoga SUMMER 2017 Schedule

All regular packages and memberships are good at Haslett Hot Yoga as well as both Firefly Hot Yoga Bar and East Lansing Hot Yoga (our sister studios). Please check Mindbody (below) first for the most up to date schedules. The list at the bottom is meant to represent the general schedule. Teacher changes and class changes are always reflected in Mindbody.

If you pre-register for a class, we still need you to arrive fifteen or more minutes before the class starts to hold your spot. You are always welcome to call 517-896-9097 if you're running late, and we'll put down a mat for you.


6:00 pm Power Vinyasa 75min - Taylor Guarnaccia

6:30 pm Yoga Fundamentals 60min - HHY teacher

8:00 pm Slow Burn 60min - Scott Gasparick


10:00 am Slow Burn 75min  - Scott Gasparick 

6:00 pm Barre 60min - Hannah B.

6:30 pm  Power Vinyasa 60min - Samantha Corbit

8:00 pm Candlelight Slow Burn 75min - Chris Martindale  


4:00pm Ashtanga - Brian Bridson

6:00pm Hot Vinyasa 60min - Samantha Corbit 

6:30 pm Barre 60min - Abbey Weston/Jen Muffett

7:30pm Slow Burn 60min - HHY Instructor


10:00 am Slow Burn 75min - Maggie Olds

6:30 pm Hot Vinyasa 60min - Kelly Gallagher

8:00 pm Candlelight 75min - Kelly Gallagher


12:00 pm Hot Lunch 60min - Samantha Corbit

6:00 pm Friday Night Flow 75min - Scott Gasparick (NEW CLASS!)


9:00 am $8 Slow Burn 75min - Samantha Marinez

11:00 am Power Vinyasa 60min - Jess Burn


9:30 am  Sunday Morning Slow Burn 75min - D Marie Coggins

3:00 pm Yoga for 12 Step Recovery 75min - Kathy Reddington (Donation Based Only) -- Returning in August

6:00pm Power Vinyasa 75min - Kendall McDougall 

5:00 pm Barre Fusion 60min - Samantha Corbit

8:00 pm Candlelight Stretch 60min - Elissa Voigt